The Ambassador Team (A-Team) would like to say hello to all at Canasta (Yahoo)

The Ambassador Team (A-Team) would like to say hello to all at Canasta (Yahoo)

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Posted by A_la_Viv (Ambassador Team) (Ranked 7 on Hardwood Euchre (Hardwood) Ladder) on November 18, 2009 at 10:12:34:

Hi Everyone,

Just to introduce the A-Team. We are a diverse group of people. We have LadderOps, Op Managers, Sr.Staff, TD's, HTD's, and TDM's in our motley group.

Our Mission is to go to ladders that need a little boost and help the resident teams rebuild or build their ladder.

We come in and help with tournaments, play ladder matches and generally give you support. We will join your ladder and hope to help you, over the next month or so, rebuild and have fun again.

We will offer tournaments with lots and lots of ladder bux.

If you see us around (and, of course you will) please be kind to us. Some of us are just learning to play this game and may need a little help. Some of us just know a wee bit about the game but are still newbies and we need your patience in our attempts to get it correct. We hope you will have fun while we all play this game as we sure will :-)

Below you will find a list of the A Team members. You will not see all A-Team members as a rule in the room at one time due, in part, to the various time zones.

Please check your main page for tournaments.

Thanks for allowing us to assist you and have some fun.

A-la-Viv, OpManager
Case's Ladder and A-Team

ladybug_7349 Sr.Staff

A-la-Viv OPM
Elliesue OPM and Ambassador Team Leader
huggy_bay OPM
rrayr2003 OPM

Diamond-Di TDM
trainmaster27 TDM

DaBoyz LeadOp and HTD
rosema39 LeadOp and HTD
LizMc3 LeadOp and TD
CribFool LeadOp and TD

snowbird217 LadderOp and HTD
webcowboy LadderOp and TD

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