Happy Possum Day

Happy Possum Day

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Posted by pirate_of_canasta (Ranked 28 on Canasta (Yahoo) Ladder) on January 01, 2008 at 09:48:53:

Take twelve fine months and trim from them all the old, leftover memories of hatred, jealousy and bitterness. Clean them of any clinging, unnecessary bits of spite.Snap off the specks of unwanted pettiness.Start the first (and each succeeding) month fresh and clean.Cut each month into thirty or thirty-one equal parts of twenty-four hours each.Prepare one day at a time. Do not plan too far in advance.Into each day, put a portion of generous tolerance, a dash of fun,a change of pace, occasionally, a cupful of laughter,an overflowing measure of good humor.Mix well; and garnish with smiles.Decorate with sprigs of beauty and serve with gentleness, unselfishness and love. A HAPPY NEW YEAR is assured.

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