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Posted by Beautifully_Broken_Amanda (Gold Member) (Ranked 2 on Canasta (Yahoo) Ladder) on August 28, 2007 at 09:19:50:

In Reply to: hhhmmmmmmmm...... posted by rjb42668 on August 27, 2007 at 19:54:01:

This is a very good observation that you have made. I see it very often myself. However, there are people that are willing to play a game when asked. You just need to ask the right person. However, when I am hosting or playing in a tourney I do try not to get started in other games just because I do not want to end up slow playing at either table. If you see me in the room and want to play just ask. If I tell you no there may be other reasons...I have two small children and i'm pregnant so don't be offended. If I am invited I usually send a reply back with a polite decline as to why I can not play. I think others should do this as well. I have recruited several players (non-league) members by being kind and playing an innocent game of canasta. :-)I understand how you feel.

: An observation:

: For years, people have talked on this ladder about recruiting more players. Heres a thought-why not just PLAY CANASTA??? There are people here perfectly willing to just PLAY A GAME. Rank unimportant, just play. Some people would gladly join if they could just get someone to play when they asked. I rejoined this ladder several days or maybe weeks ago, and have been here SEVERAL nights asking for someone just to play a game.....only to be ignored or asked to join some tournament. I have no desire whatsoever to play in a tournament where you cannot meld queens, or red cards, or have to meld in multiples of 2 only during a full moon, or cannot pick up the pile if there is a wildebeast stampede.......I JUST WANT A DAMN GAME. This USED to be the place to come compare your skill level against supposedly the best players anywhere, only now it has become more of a 'carnival version game' to be decided by silly rules in a tournament. I am sure there will be many who respond "I will gladly play if I see you asking" but you probably wont. I only come in periodically, asking quietly for a game, just so i can drink a beer or twelve and relax. I dont cause trouble, and am not loud, but I know noone here anymore to specifically ask for a game. I don't want to 'add someone to my messenger', or 'ask so-and-so, they arent playing', I just want to play. I don't want into the 'clique'...I have been there and done that many years ago. I just want a damn game. I bet if there was any way to check over the past few years and see how many people have joined and then withdrew or been timed out without even playing a single game...I bet it would be astonishing. Perhaps if some of those people had actually gotten a game or two the average win % in the top 50 would be alot better than the sub 50% average that it has had for a long time.

: So, after a few minutes of incoherent rambling, I feel better now. Just consider this:
: Next time someone you don't know asks for a cases game in the lobby you may want to give it to them. you may even get an easy win to boost the average win% to 51 or maybe even 52. Almost every other cases league i have ever been in has a considerably higher Cases win % than this ladder. Could it be that they have more quality players in those leagues because it is alot easier to get a game/

: Who knows.....All I know is I am gonna sit back and have a beer and is to short to worry about whether or not someone you will never meet wants to test their skill against you in some silly card game online.

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