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Posted by packattack1997 (Ranked 23 on Canasta (Yahoo) Ladder) on March 18, 2007 at 04:04:31:

im just wondering if any1 really wants to play in this league anymore or not? last nite i made a tourney and was able to get 3 players in but i could not get the 4th(NOW THIS WAS A SATURDAY NIGHT WHICH MAKES IT EVEN WORSE).i had 10 people online according to messy at that time.i think it is sad that we have only a couple true loyal players in this league who will play anything just to keep tournies goin.i even joined a tourney i couldnt play in so they could close.....who cares about ratings in the ladder?if you are worried about ratings then you shouldnt play anything but regular because eerything else is all luck.

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