On a positive note

On a positive note

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Posted by *sizz* (Ranked 2 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 29, 2000 at 09:04:53:

I'd like to thank all of the people who made my experience in a won a positive one. Ron says "too numerous to mention" but I'm gonna try anyway! LoL
Candy-o, Hot Puppy and grizzy, we came from the old site together, played in the social room together, and competed in the ladder room together. God I have such great memories of our "regular nightly games". I feel I have made a life long friend in all of you, and I cherish that. (You're my bestest gf! see ya soon) lol
Dippy, Sjanke and Demmy... what can I say? You guys are the greatest. The quick change artists who always made me smile. You have no idea of the times I counted on you to lift me up when things outside of won were making me very sad. And you never let me down. You were the calm in the chaos of won as well.. and I hope we continue to be friends forever : )
Dizz.... my hot headed lil (ISM) pard. Your absence in won for the past month has made saying goodbye a little easier. I hope you find what your looking for in your search for the "fair meld game" and in your life as well. You know who luvs ya : )
Snow... one of my fondest memories is of the night you and I played against Chromeby and DX. OMG ... talk about ROFLMAO! I still LOL when I think about it! But even more I want to thank you for your affection and sincere concern for me. You had an uncanny way of knowing when I was a little blue, and you never failed to ask "are you alright sizz?" You have no idea what that meant to me. Thank you.
Can't mention Snow without mentioning Meg...lol God you are an incredible bidder.. on par right up there with candy-o! I can't beleive the games you won from me because you had such large cajones when it came to bidding! lmao I started to think I couldn't beat you! lol..... Thanks for the games and the chats Meg, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness : )
Maggee, Blue, Jim, tip.... the Ann arbor gang... What a great expeience it was meeting you ... from the second we met a connection was made.. never an awkward moment the whole time. It felt like a family renunion : ) And Maggs.. I'll never be able to hear The Theme from Rocky without thinking of our game that day and lmao. You are an awesome person.
Phill.... we had our ups and no doubt..lol But through it all we managed to forge a friendship. Your little analogies during the games cracked me up! "sizz has more bullets than Bonnie and Clyde" lol
We are friends because we both made an effort. And I'm glad we did : )
Sammy, Phill tried for months to convince me that beneath that gruff exterior was a really nice guy. Glad I learned that for myself. Thanks for the games and the chats Spankster : )
Rick, if I remember correctly the first time we played was after I came home from kareoke one night in the wee hours. I was under the influence of 3 screaming orgasms and I was getting lippy in the lobby...lol
You thought I was a ^@*!#...lmao.. glad you've had a change of heart. ((((((RICK))))) you know who luvs ya : )
Bricks... The first time I played you you were #1. I was intimidated. LoL I didn't learn till much later that you were too....lol Thanks for your friendship bricks... especially recently. : )
Zales, Will, Lady, Syl, Hann, zappa, Bacc,
AMERICAN BAD ASS, Jete, Gus, ( I'm sure I'm forgetting someone! ACK!!!) Thanks for the memories...my only regret is that we didn't have time to get to know each other better.
((((((((((((((((HUGS TO ALL)))))))))))))))))
Thanks for the laughs, the games, the competition and the friendship.. you have enriched my life. *sizz*

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