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dont delete this page just the forum

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Posted by Chromeby (Gold Member) (Ranked 18 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 29, 2000 at 08:32:27:

Hi all, i'm home from work today and i played a couple games at i can honestly say i miss this ladder not all of it but i do miss the games, the other stuff the fighting the threats the crap i don't miss it.. Maybe that is a good thing it's gone we will move on. This place being shut down might have been a blessing in disguise, all i ask is that from now on please post good memories in here not stabs at people. Pepsi i will miss our games you played to win every trick, i was in your first ladder game remember we parded together. Hell we laughed more then we played. I remember you saying to before you activated case ladder you said "it is all politics here" and at that time it wasn't it was what it was intended to be a site where there would be great competition and the ability to meet people who would otherwise never cross our paths. But it did turn nasty in here and it was unavoidable partly for a few reasons some of it being others made fun of the fighting and name calling and the constant crap here . Another reason was alot of people never spoke out whether out of fear or maybe they just didn't care. You spoke up i give you credit, i never agreed with all of it but you had some reasons that were true.
Sizz I told you before i thought you were the best player here for a long time , I do mean it even though i would always catch those aces you were sandbagging.
And Rick my fellow degenerate you played alot of games and put up with alot of things and you overcame most i hope, i didnt agree with your way of dealing with things all the time and a few times i know i asked you to please calm down in here. I was just trying to protect our ladder.
All I am asking you 3 and everyone else that comes here is this please if you can't say anything good please don't use this forum in a negative light i for one will always remember the good times more so then bad and i hope everyone else does the same.
I enjoyed the competition from the three of you as well as everyone else. I wanted to win every game like everyone else does. But that don't happen it's impossible.
I will miss everyone here there are way too many names to mention , i miss the ones too that quit coming here to play.
One last thing I would like to say is thank you Dippy , I know i didnt agree with the system all the time but you did a great job hun and i will miss you and sjanke and all the laughs we shared.
To all my fellow pino friends Goodbye and God Bless, may you and your families have the greatest of days to come and may some of our paths cross again.

I Love you all
Phillip J. Novak aka Chromeby

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