To 3rd bat, Pepsi.... among others

To 3rd bat, Pepsi.... among others

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Posted by HYPETHIS! (Ranked 54 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 28, 2000 at 18:03:25:

As hard as I have tried to reframe I find myself writing a letter now anyway. Reason being of pure disappointment. Alot of things have been happening in my world and all others. To see the effect it is having on most all is SAD.
Last evening, I decided I was gonna jump on and play a few games. That mood ended quickly. To enter a room where I read line after line of some of the most discusting things about others I found myself instead of playing actually participating in defending another. Comments about peoples personal life in open chat where one and all have decided to play judge, jury and executioner was amazing. 3rd bat saying things i could hardly beleive. I was saddened to know that someone who I had always thought fondly of to be speaking of ill will toward children and accusing others of perpetrating there own children. such hurtful, spiteful commments. So there I sat defending in what manner i beleived to be right. As i defend I was told it was none of my business. Well, Gee. Personally I found a stab directly at me. When *DX* children were threatened this did most definitely affect me as one is within me and the ones he already has are dear to my heart. Out of pure petty nonsense that occurs with in the ladder room, the innocence of children whom have done nothing to harm anyone is threatened. My first thought and incliniation is anyone who can econjure these thought Needs alot of therapy. I heard things of email manipulation to actually getting in and the OP's mail and removing complaints. Names created as dx kid, dx baby etc.. more vile comments..... Should we be immpressed. I think not. Everyone becomes angry with others and *DX* of all people is very vocal RE his anger. BUt never not once do I recall him diving into the personal life of any of you who have opted to do so now. Or attacking one's personal life.
For some of this I feel responsible for. He opts and tries to be descreet about his personal life. I on the other hand could care less what anyone you truly think of me so I am less descreet. When i am angry my chosen friends of Ladders have read my most angry comments and hurt and pain. They are mine and should I decided to share them that should be my right. Obviously, some of my choices have been ill in manner as my own personal life is being tossed around within the connection to *DX* and 3rd bats continual threats of his children is his retaliation..
Pepsi writes
What does it take from a man to lose his pregnant girlfriend and his child. And more than once??
NO matter what it takes. That is personal and has nothign to do with cards.
I as many have been very angry about others in this room. BUt Iam not shouting in the ladders what i think of them personallly.
Play cards all and get over this #!*^.
And the next person that threatens my child will be prosecuted. Thats not a threat that's a promise.

Pepsi you I would like to chat with email me on much more private NOte.


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