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Posted by Bootsnbra (Ranked on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 27, 2000 at 10:20:16:

In Reply to: LADDER ROOM posted by *DX* (Gold Member) on August 27, 2000 at 01:22:23:

My Mom use to put ketchup on the liver and say it would taste better didnt!
Only difference is the liver was good for me but ya know? That taste stands out in my mind to this day ...kind of like reputations of whether or not someone is good and kind or not but hey!! Dont worry cuz ya know I was riding in a horse show couple years ago and this man and woman walk up to me and say " Wow, I just love the way this country life smells! You people living out here are so lucky! What do call this smell?"
Smiling at him I said "We call it cow and horse crap!" and we all laughed.But the moral of the story is Some people yearn to smell Crap..heck they'll drive hundreds of miles to do it! Others' of us who know what Crap is and Know the smell We tend to not get to excited over it and learn to work around it and last but not least some people buy Crap at the market.So see? Someone Will buy your Crap!Giggle...

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