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Posted by *DX* (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 27, 2000 at 01:22:23:

Well assuming this is it, atleast in this format, here goes....

Wow, I sit here and wonder what to say.. How to say it...

I don't think I'll go into specifics with individuals... Last time I tried that I got a word or two from a select few and they weren't very pleased, so, I think I'll stick to the room as a whole.

I truly loved this room, the people, the atmosphere and the rush of the games. As with anything in life there were good times and certainly bad times. I don't think I would change a thing. You always learn from things even things that seem horrible.

I sit and reminiss about the day I bought the CD, and how long it was before I came online. Once clearing that hurdle, I soon realized the mountain I walked upon. Many peaks and valleys but, a beautiful mountain never the less.

A mountain with treacherous terrains, and beautiful landscapes. Peaceful birds and even some VULTURES. And a swamp or two... The climb was long and memorable, and a climb I won't soon forget.

I know at times, I have seemed, so cold hearted and ruthless, aggressive and lewd. Please again, let me reassure you, I truly enjoyed everyone's company here. Alot of times the ladder room became an avenue to release, as I'm sure, some of you may have felt the same. There were times I could come here, and for just a little while, have to worry about very little except who to play next. Most of you have been on your journey of life for awhile now. Me... mine is just begining. So much to learn, so much to experience, so much to grow and mature(slow process).

I have learned so much from everyone. Some of what I might want to avoid in life while others I found a life with such meaning and purpose. I often sit and think which of you are who you potray, and which potray an individual so different then themself.

Me, was a combination of both as it may be for most. I am very competitive and still have such a determination and desire for the thrill of winning. I am a firm believer in doing what it takes to win. But, please do not misinterpet that for cheating.

I despise the thought and the need for such a thing anywhere in life is absurd.

As far as the personality...well thats, in all honesty not totally me. I can be a pistol at times. But, I am really a kind and gentle person. In the begining I just kinda went with the flow and what will be will be, until I thought this place could use some spice. Sometimes, I added too much, I know, but, it was never personal. It just made things intersting. Part of the rush and thrill was wondering who was gonna say what..who was doing what... Please, allow me now, to say if anyone at anytime was ever offended or upset by something I said or done, I am truly sorry.

I hold no grudges nor ill feelings to anyone here, and I ask the same of you. Not only towards me but, everyone here. Like it or not we became a family, sometimes the family wasn't always on the same page but, we were a family nevertheless. Besides imagine trying to discuss some of the things that happen here and that are apart of this room to people on the outside... you will often get the deer in headlight look.

I cherish life, and the people that are made up of it. Some of you enjoyed me, some tolerated me, some despised me. That's life though. Not everything you do will be accepted and not everyone will like what you do. But, to not like someone or to even hate is something that will never be apart of my life. I heard once somewhere a parent told their child I love you with all my heart but, I won't always love or even like the things you do.

The special relationships I formed with so many of you is very special to me. Some of you will be apart of me forever. I may forget the names and the faces (or icons) lol, but your spirit will be with me and the lessons in which you taught will remain.

As we come upon this final day, it should be a day of reminissing and of hapiness. While, unsure what format our future may bring, we will be together again. May be here, may be not. Who knows, nothing may change. The one thing that will remain no matter what, is each other. So don't say goodbye, say see you soon my friend. Hug one another, and be greatful for the time that you have had together.

I hope to spend time with everyone today and if thats not possible then know my thoughts and memories will bring us together, and until we sit at new tables..or whatever it may be. They can take your ladderbux and memberships but, the memories belong to us and no one can ever take that away....not ever.



P.S. If and when there is another competitive format(ladder) in which we may partake in...


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