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Posted by CalicoKitty25 (Ladder Staff) (Ranked 60 on Backgammon (Yahoo) Ladder) on August 26, 2000 at 19:44:12:

After reading this forum, it appears that several members have forgotten what this forum is for. This is a communication board for general conversation. It is used to for friendly adult conversation with your fellow members. When making a post, you see the following notice:

NOTICE: This forum should be used for general conversation only. Reporting cheating, unreported matches, and technical support does not belong here. If you expect us to handle your problems, please use the SUPPORT area. There are forms there for unreported matches and reporting abuse. Your Ladder account may be penalized if you ignore this. Thank you.

I will reiterate...this is not for bashing members or reporting cheating. If you wish to do this, please use Head To Head. If you continue with these posts in any forum other than Head to Head, your account will be penalized.

Thanks for your time,

CalicoKitty25, Ladder Staff
Case's Ladder

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