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Posted by maxibch (Gold Member) (Ranked 61 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 26, 2000 at 05:31:37:

Well, what can I say? I have been out of town on buisness all week and coome back to this. I quess our opinon does not count when is comes to I am greatly disappointed that there will be no more ladders here. I have enjoyed playing everyone and even recived great side entertainment from the antics of some of the members LMAO. I hope ladders finds another place for us. Have the considered the MSN Zone? That is where I use to play and it is a great site. If not, I will still play my occasional game and other tounies here. I just hope if ladders finds us another place to play, we will remember we are all adults and lets make the new place a fun proactive place to play! I do play on Yahoo and Iplay and will always be MaxiBch a.k.a Kel

Love ya all and thank you for enjoyable and also entertaining time I had on the ladders.

P.S Life is to short to worry about the little things, enjoy life and smile

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