Re:Letter posted by Pepsi & lobby

Re:Letter posted by Pepsi & lobby

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Posted by dudettie57 (Gold Member) (Ranked 6 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 16, 2000 at 03:54:18:

I had no knowledge that Pepsi or boots had knowledge or much less copy of this letter.
I sent in a complaint to won. Dippy2u responded that she had spoke to Rum and DX
and that she believed their story that it was all in joking. My envolement was I was playing a game with Rum and tk3 was watching the chat you saw is what was said I believed it. So I sent in chat log as this is what the rules tell you to do. I never intended for this to become public knowledge and I regret that it did.
I appologize for my behavior in lobby chat but I am not going to be bashed like others and stand there and take it. I have never ever sent a chat log to Pepsi, boots or bstine like I have been accused of by two people. I had nothing to do with their showing up in lobby at time of my tirade. I do not lie. I said DX cheats because it is true. When he walked out on a game with me when I was ahead and had no intention of reporting a loss knowing I was new and did not know the rules that is being a cheat. yes he reported when he was made too some weeks not days later. I said he lies which he does he let a lot of people think he was about to lose his home, his children etc. he let us believe he was on base in detention when he was not in any confinment what so ever this is lieing. Oh he did not say directly to anyone he implies same difference because we were genuinely worried for him he used us all and we let him. This is my definition of lieing and cheating you may not agree that is ok. I have played a lot of new ladder members and most of them can recall me telling them to please read the rules of top 10 and 20 and understand them this is so they will not be taken advantage of like I was. Also so they can enjoy ladders with out getting offended when someone turns them down for a game. I don't think I have ever gotten mad win or lose in a game at anyone and I always try to be respectful. I try to make my games fun for us all. I know there is too much crap in forum but felt I needed to defend myself I understand DX is filing a report against and that is ok because I only spoke the truth as I know it. See ya at the table hanging up boxing gloves. (but keeping goldent glove) *smile* I hope for Peace for all of us in ladders we did have a good thing going for a brief time we can do it again.

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