And who says he doesn't manipulate rank?

And who says he doesn't manipulate rank?

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Posted by Pepsi_Guy (Ranked on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on August 15, 2000 at 19:15:13:

So DX?? Can u explain this one?? Why post a loss to a player to move them above me??

Was this your idea of a block??? No, not you Rick? ReallY????


dudettie57: rum is your first name kathy ? was trying to remember
> been a long time since you t
> Rum&Coke007: yes it is
> dudettie57: mine is donna but dude or dudettie is fine
> Rum&Coke007: ok
> dudettie57: nm
> Rum&Coke007: i was ranked 15...until the tour
> Rum&Coke007: i didnt even play
> tk3god: me 13 before
> dudettie57: and now that they put up wins what are you
> Rum&Coke007: 4 game win streak and im 29
> tk3god: me 27 now
> tk3god: lol
> Rum&Coke007: LOL
> Rum&Coke007: i was like
> Rum&Coke007:
> Rum&Coke007: i wasnt happy
> dudettie57: you will get back in no time probably by tomorrow
> tk3god: me have worse 100hours of pino inlife
> tk3god: no more
> tk3god: all gone
> tk3god: better now
> tk3god: fixed
> dudettie57: good
> tk3god: pino repair shop was open late
> Rum&Coke007: dx even gave me a win for the game we never
> played
> tk3god: coolness
> Rum&Coke007: lol
> Rum&Coke007: cuz he luvs me
> dudettie57: yuppers
> Rum&Coke007: :)
> tk3god: what's not to love?
> Rum&Coke007: i dunno
> Rum&Coke007:
> Rum&Coke007: he wants me at # 1 more than he wants himself
> Rum&Coke007: LOL
> tk3god: hehe
> Rum&Coke007: isnt working
> tk3god: you'll get there

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