DX one self is this on?

DX one self is this on?

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Posted by Chromeby (Gold Member) (Ranked 20 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on July 29, 2000 at 10:38:07:

Hey only other living member of DX besides myself ill hold down the fort or try to. We had some games huh ? I can remember spanking you like a red headed step child when you first started and a couple of times you and i discussed being NO 1. I told you the same thing I told others it isn't what it's all cracked up to be but you made it. Great job BRO . We laughed more then we played I think but hey thats what its all about. Attitude goes a long way and our attitude is perfect we talked about personal things and stuff that i'm sure people would think was stupid but one thing i know we talked about more then anything was our kids. I just like you are a proud DAD and we discussed many parenting problems and funny stories. Wrestling that was another thing we laughed about all the time. I remember we had the same profile there for a bit . If i taught you anything great but we taught each other some things that we can use for a lifetime values, perceptions and the ability to laugh at almost anything. How many times can we say the same thing at the same time? LOL... Ricardo take care my friend one of my true friends here. God Bless You in all you do and I miss you already but DX has to go on. So like i said i'll hold down the fort till you get back by that time i might need a break but i'll try. So if anyone is interested i have 2 words for you BRING IT..
Later bro


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