Rick a lot of people care a lot about you

Rick a lot of people care a lot about you

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Posted by JustMeDeb (Ranked 25 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on July 28, 2000 at 23:47:51:

I also will miss you, I know you had your bad days when you needed someone to take your frustrations out on. I have kids I don't get to see also and even though they are grown I still know what your going through. The first time we really talked and you told me about your boys I could see how much you love them. and then when you told me they where not with you I could feel your pain. I know you miss them and would do anything for them. If I know anything about you at all I know you love you kids more than anything in this world and I can tell just by talking to you your a great dad, I wish there where more dads like you.
I'm very sorry your going through all that. I hope when you get you life in order and get your boys back home were they belong that you will come back. You are missed already by many, its times like these you need your friends and even if I am not considered one of them there are a lot here who are and who need your friendship as much as you need theirs. its times like these when friends are supposed to stick together. The ladder room won't be the same without you Rick.

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