Last Two Games of Tourney

Last Two Games of Tourney

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Posted by Bootsnbra (Ranked 62 on Pinochle (WON) Ladder) on July 24, 2000 at 02:29:45:

The last two games of Bacc's Big Tourney were truly amazing.Dippy n Dave versus Mike( Mark) and Veg( Ryan)...the first game the players each set the other team and the score on hand 3 read
-70 to -80 and we as a crowd watching reminded them they going the wrong way lol...each team playing played to win with the highest level of skills showing through the entire game.Confronted not only with so many games but the lack of sleep the last game still was a chair gripper to the end with Mark and Ryan missing winning by 3 cards only to come back and set for the win...*was too cool all of you *smile*
Joe? well he had to leave fast to go to work now tell me that man is not crazy bout pinochle and a TD totally dedicated to the game he went straight to work after this all nighter...Mark and Ryan you rocked that place wtg!!
Dippy n Dave you guys should change team name to the DangerousDoubleD's lol....
What a tourney were all amazing....

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