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Posted by Bacc1 (Platinum) (Ranked 20 on Pinochle (Wildcards) Ladder) on March 12, 2001 at 14:10:41:

Here is the state of things currently, and I hope you will
understand that while it may seem an undesirable situation
at the moment, it is just as undesirable for me to have to
tell you this. I am doing what can be done but there are
some related development issues that haven't been solved as
of yet.

Wildcards v3.0, the so called "new site" which is actually
not quite correct since the game itself is new (has been
updated and changed from the old v2.5 game) but the "site"
itself has nothing to do with the game, the website is just
a support site on the web where the community can post
ideas, complaints, and navigate to other game sites under
playnet.com ... the game runs independantly although it (the
new version) must be started from the chat page using the
"playnow" link located there. This allows us to make
usernames mandatory and unique, unlike the old version
nobody can copy your nickname or spam the chat buffer with
nicknames etc.. We can also track nuisance players via their
nickname as it is directly linked to their playnet (free)
game account. It may seem that the "old" site was simpler,
and it was, but we cannot improve things with that version
like we can with the new one, so a trade off was made in
that regard.

Currently, players CAN play the new version (v3.0) by
opening up a playnet (free) game account ... all they have
to do is download the new version and get a (free) email
account and then they are registered and can play the game,
use the chat/forums ... but there is one problem we are
still trying to solve, which actually is not the game itself
but the site instead. Some players (who do not have cookies
turned on in their browsers) lose their login after they
come into the new site, and then use the "back" button in
their browsers to navigate through the site or out of a
game. If they had cookies turned on, they would not have
this problem of losing their login and not seeing their
nickname in the game or in the chat, etc..

Basically, they can still play the (new version of the) game
but they get confused when they lose their login and don't
know that this has happened, or why, or how to fix it. I can
easily understand their confusion, because it isn't supposed
to happen like that.

This "redirect" problem within the website is the bug we
haven't been able to fix yet. I myself am working on a lot
of other projects at the same time, that is why I have not
been seen lately. Very busy, and with the problem unsolved,
nothing really new to add for the players. That is why I
have left the "old" v2.5 site up while we get the problem
resolved. I hear from my one network/web programmer that we
may have a fix this week, but I am not going to announce
that in case something else goes wrong.

Being a free game, we make nothing out of it so I cannot get
more resources to fix the issues, I just have to make do for
the time being. A poor answer for those that expect better,
but I am being honest with you. I understand that we are
"losing players" all the time, but if I have to start all
over again when all is fixed then I have to start all over
again. I cannot do anything else. If the old site stays up,
as it has been left for that purpose, the players can
continue to use it and that's all I can do while other
things get done.

Believe me, I am not happy things are taking so long, but
there is little I can do other than keep banging away at it
until it is done, as I am doing everyday now.

When I have good news, I will be the first to jump on the
forums and into the "old" site, and let the players know. I
realise I may have to rebuild an entirely new community when
this time comes, but I have to face facts and if that is
what must be done, then that is what I will do. Wildcards is
but one of many other projects here I have to keep an eye
on, so don't think I'm not watching it, I am just watching
it and a lot of other things too.

I thank you both for your support and what you have done
within the Wildcards group of players, and wish I could tell
you something brighter than what I have today, but this is
the truth as raw as it is.

Much appreciation ...
Geoff "Doc" Evans
Free Games Manager

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