So long my friends

So long my friends

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Posted by Pepsi_Guy (Ranked 13 on Pinochle (Wildcards) Ladder) on December 29, 2000 at 15:56:31:

DX, as much as we butted heads, I really hope everything works out for you and get all things cleared up and the best of everything comes to you.

SYLMARILN, well, what can I say: You have bought happiness to everyone you meet. Your heart is larger than your body.

SNOW DOVE and DUDETTIE, gee wiz, you two can really make the competition all worth while. You two bring to the game something that is not easily found. If your minds ever let out what was in them, well, let's just say I am so happy I have you as friends. Both of you have meant so much to me.

MAGGEE, MEGNUT, and CUTEE, Just typing those names put a smile on my face. All of you make up the team that puts this place on the map. Always cheerful, always trying to make things better.

JeTeParle and SWEETIE, well again, you two know what I feel and how I feel towards you two. I put your names here so you would know I did not forget you. But what I have to say is not something I care to put in here. So THANK YOU BOTH from the botom of my heart.

BRICKS. LOL Never in a million years dear. And you know what I mean by that. Bricks, I can only say that you are a person of beliefs, one who can put things in perspective, speak your piece and get away with it. You, like many others in here, have the spirit and awareness to see through the crap and are able to deal with it. To you I say, keep it up and I hope you make it what you think it should be. And also, THANK YOU for giving me a chance to explain things.

To the rest of you, POLO, RHORIUM, BACC1, 10000DAD, RON56, SASSY, SIZZ, MAXIB, MYSTREE, and all those I didn't go look up, THANK YOU so much. Thank you for being great players, thank you for the fun games, and thank you for making time all worth remembering.

NO, I won't be back as someone else. Tried that and it failed miserably. I have a personality that sticks out like a sore thumb. I can't hide who I am. I tried being someone else and it just doesn't work.

I love the games. It will not be easy coming to this computer and staying away. I have friends in here that will be hard to keep up with. My spare time will be boring for the most part until I replace it with something else. But I realize that replacing these games and you people will never be the same. I do know that the temptattion will be there for a very long time.

The ladder was never the object. As a matter of fact I didn't join until I realized I needed to be on it so people would play. Not to mention the coaxing I got from many of you to get back on it.


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