Mess From Doc on Neww Site

Mess From Doc on Neww Site

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Posted by Bacc1 (Gold Member) (Ranked 2 on Pinochle (Wildcards) Ladder) on December 22, 2000 at 13:01:53:

First off, to all of you who have patiently hung in there waiting for the *big release* I say MERRY XMAS and I salute you !
Now, which to post first, the good news or the bad ?

Ok, the good news first. B-]

The new version of Wildcards is actually finished now. Some of the things you'll notice right away are:-

1. Much improved graphics and visual appearance.

2. Chat is easier to manage, as the "game table chat" inside a game room is fixed in the game window, and doesn't close down or float around like it used to. The "hallway" chat is still in the background when you enter a "room" but it is easy to click between the two if you want to.

3. The "dripping tap" chat sound cue is GONE.

4. Players have to register a username (nickname) account at now, which means all nicks are unique and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED. This way you always know who you are playing with or listening to. We can also track nuisance users through their account and finally manage them, as in nuke their access if they prove disruptive as some have in the past. They also cannot hide behind name changing like they used to. And they have to crate a new account everytime they want to come back, which should see most of these children going elsewhere for their cheap thrills, elsewhere as in somewhere easier to dick with and where anominity is available to them.

5. The game will launch from the Wildcards website in the new version, not from your desktop (task bar) as it does now. This allows us to set it so it always remembers who you are, you don't have to set the connect (server) or type in a username, it will always remember your identity after you register one at ... so people can rely on who they are interacting with and also take advantage of player services that are part of the membership, things like free email (in your nicknames name for easy and consistent identity) and special events, prizes, etc.

6. There will be seperate game lobbies where the game rooms reside, for different types of games. This makes lots more players online possible, and also creates far less chaos in chat and makes custom management of games far easier to arrange. We can even provide "private" game lobbies for matches etc.. where only registered match participants can enter. This should improve match management enormously.

7. 640 x 480 monitor resolution had to be dropped, and if you used this previously, you'll have to resize your desktop display (monitor display size) to 800 x 600 for the new minimum, or higher if you prefer and have a monitor that handles this well enough for you. We can help you with this if you're not sure of changing it, etc.

Now the bad news. (d'oh!)

I pushed and pushed and pushed to get this ready for release before Xmas. Unfortunately, while the new Wildcards itself is finished, and has been for a couple of weeks, we had some problems and bugs in all the NETWORK rebuilding that will allow us to offer the new version with all it's increased support, features and functionality.

Even as late as today, with half the staff away for Xmas, we tried to get the NETWORK stuff all settled and tested and BUG FREE for a last minute upload and release before the Xmas weekend began.

Such was not to be. I was really bummed about this, as were most of those helping me where possible, but we will come back Boxing Day and finish the last of the bug squashing and NETWORK testing and then we can put the new version up and let you have at it.

I'm really very sorry we couldn't give it to you as a sort of Xmas present ... ie: this weekend, but it's so close now I guess I (we) ... you will just have to wait those extra frustrating days. It's as frustrating to me as it would be to you, but I did everything I could and the bugs still beat me (us).

It's so close I can almost taste it. Have a wonderful break over Xmas and we'll see you next week, and I'm confident we (you) won't have to endure another "explanation to the players" post like this one.

Cross your fingers folks, I'm going to be leaning on the programmers HEAVILY after Xmas Day to get this wrapped up and out there to you, you can count on that.

Wildcards Development Project

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