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Re: How can this help

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Posted by Bacc1 (Gold Member) (Ranked 6 on Pinochle (Wildcards) Ladder) on November 26, 2000 at 14:29:10:

In Reply to: How can this help posted by dippy2u (Head Wild Pinochle Op) on November 26, 2000 at 09:26:31:

Dippy. Since you say these things should not be brought up in public, why are you then. So I will answer your 2 statements you made about me. First of all, Yes I didnt like wildcards at first. Why, cause I wasnt use to it. Just like all, we are use to Won. But we have no where else to go. So we deal with it and hope when Doc gets done we will have a better site then Won. As far as starting cases here, You have no clue what your talking about when you say thats not true, that i wasnt the one who brought cases here. It was me who went to Nike and had him set it up. So what ever info you got, you are misslead. But that dont matter anyway Dippy. As far as you Sjanke for agreeing with Dippy. Well how didnt I know that this be your followup>>>>> ( well said Dippy)

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