Re: Grab an application Elaine for a TD

Re: Grab an application Elaine for a TD

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Posted by elaine4funnn (Ranked on Team Pinochle (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on December 17, 2017 at 12:25:23 PST:

In Reply to: Grab an application Elaine for a TD posted by PegofmyHeart98 (Platinum) on December 16, 2017 at 22:29:38 PST:

I am sorry but I cannot become a TD as I have some serious health issues. I started playing pino in 1995 here on the internet and for many years played til wee hours but I am unable to do that now. I can only play the 6 oclock tour as I go to bed before 7 usually as do some others who are ill. It is ijmplied that I do not appreciate all that the TDs do and that is not true. I just do not like Reverse and can only play at 6. I just recruited a former TD in another league who now has health issues and cannot play late either as she, too, goes to bed early, and she won't play Reverse either.
But if the majority of you want Reverse that is just fine--no hard feelings. I do thank the TDs for their hard work in providing tours--Merry Christmas to all.

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