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Posted by yahell13666 (Gold Member) (Ranked on Team Pinochle (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on May 27, 2017 at 17:47:11 PDT:

Frankly, I am getting to the point that you can boot me from the league. There are to many cheaters in this league, and I can see why so many of the longtime players have left. Someone needs to form a cheaters league and all the cheaters can enter. Stay away from those that enjoy playing the game . We all want to win, but you cheaters take the fun out of the game. Bidding 75 with 27 meld and your p just happens to have 36 meld. The person had already bid, and no meld was passed. My p bids 70 after I pass 20 meld and the other person bids 75 with 27 meld. It was not the only time in the game that these strange bids were happening.

Oh well, I know this is falling on deaf ears, but it is so sad.

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