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Re: Pics on Friends of Cases

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Posted by hOOtie5561 (Ranked 22 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on February 08, 2004 at 14:34:14:

In Reply to: Re: Pics on Friends of Cases posted by Highlander1657 on February 08, 2004 at 14:17:00:


I don't know about the attitude here. I simply asked you to remove my picture and any reference to me or my nickname. I CANNOT remove it because I did not post it. YOU, as the adminstrator of the site posted it and because of that, YOU have to remove it. I've tried and it wouldn't let me.

As far as anyone having the right to use what's on a website, sorry that's not true. Unless you've obtained written permission by me to post or you've obtained a copyright of my likeness and/or nicknames, you have no legal right to refuse to remove it. IT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. I'm asking you to remove it tonight or I will seek legal counsel.


: : High,

: : I'm sorry that you've seemed to have developed some hard feelings over the last couple of weeks here. I wasn't present during any of the things you've mentioned so I believe it best for me not to comment on them. I am sorry you and Boat feel you have to leave.

: : Having said that, you mentioned in an earlier post that you'd be closing down your Friends of Cases website and that if we did not have our pictures removed by the 23rd that they became the property of Boat and yourself. Unfortunately, that's not legally correct but that's not the point of my post. I'd like to ask you to go ahead and remove my picture from the site because I'm not allowed to, as I was not the person to post it initally. Please remove any reference to me including my picture, my given name of Andy and any references to hOOtie, hOOtie5561, or If you could do that immediately, I'd appreciate it.

: : Thanks,
: : Andy

: Hi Hooties as I rember you never added a picture or did any thing on the website Friends Of Case's
: and as for your infol any thing that is on a website is there for any one to use....

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