Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

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Posted by Rockytopbabe (Ranked 1 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on June 12, 2009 at 17:53:59:

This week marks the beginning of a new contest on our ladder; Pogeuchre Treasure Hunt. All members are encouraged to participate and to be present for each contest tournament. These are the rules:

1) The contest will consist of a series of tournaments beginning Friday, June 12th and ending on Friday, July 3rd.
2) Each tournament will be clearly marked on the Tournament Calendar.
3) The winner will receive their choice of a 1 Year Cases Ladder Gold Membership or a 6 month subscription to Club Pogo. IF the winner already has a Club Pogo membership, then the prize will automatically revert to a Cases membership. If the winner has both, they may gift their winnings to a Pogeuchre member of their choice.
4) The object of the contest is to be the first person to correctly identify the final Treasure from a series of clues given by the host.
a) One clue to the Treasure will be given in each contest tournament during game play.
b) An announcement by the host will be made prior to giving the clue.
c) Players may use internet search to find the correct answer!
d) Because clues will only be given during tournament play [no exceptions], you are encouraged to participate in as many contest tournaments as possible.
5) Players will have until the next scheduled contest tournament to provide their answer to the clue given in the previous tournament.
a) All answers must be given to the host via an email. Do not give your answer in the lobby or at a table.
b) Each player may provide only one answer per clue.
c) For each tournament clue, the first correct email answer received by the host will be awarded 250 ladderbux.
d) Email your answers to:
6) During the final tournament of the contest, the host will ask each player to a private table for their final guess at the Treasure.
a) In case of a tie, the host will revert to the answers given to the contest clues. The player with the most correct answers will win. Answers will be posted in the Pogeuchre Forum for verification. The Forum is located on the ladder main page at

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