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Posted by RockyTopBabe (Ranked 6 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on February 23, 2009 at 16:43:40:

Outwit – Outplay – Outlast

Beginning Tuesday, March 3rd at 8:00pm

Winner will receive their choice of:
1 year Cases Gold Membership or 1 Year Club Pogo Membership

In order to compete in the Survivor: Pogeuchre Indigo Contest, players must be registered, checked-in and compete in the
first “Survivor” tournament to compete in all consecutive “Survivor” tournaments for this season.

The contest will consist of 3 tournaments per week during the month of March
~+~ Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday~+~

Tuesday night is Reward Challenge
Do you have the knowledge to answer trivia and take home big bux? The TD will ask trivia questions in the lobby.
All correct answers are worth 50 ladderbux.
Entry fee for this tournament will be 50 bux.

Thursday night is Immunity
The winner of Thursday night’s tournament wins “immunity” and cannot be voted out at this week’s tribal council!
If the winner of the tournament is no longer eligible, immunity will revert to the eligible player who finished with the next highest standing.
Entry fee for this tournament will be 75 bux.

Sunday night is Tribal Council Voting
Someone will get voted out!
Voting takes place individually at a private table with the TD [use Cases as table password].
The only player who is safe is the current holder of immunity.
Remember, absence from the tournament does not insure you of immunity!
It is important that you be present to vote. It could be your fire that is “snuffed out”!
Votes will only be accepted until the end of the tournament.
If you fail to vote before the end of the tournament, you will have forfeited your vote for the week.
Entry fee for this tournament is 100 bux.

In case of tie, the player with the most combined votes from previous tournaments will be ousted. Your vote will never revealed!

Players who have been “voted off” are encouraged to continue to play the tournaments to cheer or boo the remaining contestants.

When only two players remain eligible, all original Survivor contestants will be invited to return to the contest to cast their votes for our grand prize winner. Each former contestant will have the opportunity to ask the two contestants one question each. Questions must meet the following criteria: 1) they must require only a yes or no answer, 2) they must not ask for personal detail, 3) they must not contain any profanity, and 4) they must not harass or demean any player. The TD holds the right to declare any question unfair and her decision is final.

Players will be asked to make give their votes to the TD at a private table. All votes will be final and the TD will announce the winner in the lobby.

The staff of Pogeuchre is proud to present this contest to you as a measure of our appreciation to you for being a member of our ladder. All past and present members of Pogeuchre are eligible to play. Invite your friends and family to join us for lots of fun and excitement as we declare a winner of
Survivor: Pogeuchre Indigo

RockyTopBabe + Sweetdarlin33_ + Sanamo07 + Starrlady0 + Caf3008 + Bonniesgirl

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