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Posted by AEAJRB (Gold Member) (Ranked on EuchreOutkasts (Pogo) Ladder) on October 03, 2007 at 09:08:51:

In Reply to: Re: This ladder posted by claypigeon46 (Gold Member) on October 02, 2007 at 20:53:34:

In essence what began occurring the day (September 11) the ladder got assigned this new "team" (read that as tdm) is that the unranked players list began to get flooded with their "friends" (quite a few names are ops from other ladders and gaming sites) to make it look like their efforts caused this ladder to grow. I was told on a certain day that 3 people had signed up that day due to the efforts of advertising in the room but in reality two of those names (and possibly all 3) are prior acquaintences of the ateam and advertising in Indigo was NOT what got them to sign up. On the very day those 3 signed up I was in Indigo before the tournament and watched the conversation and usually we aren't on a first name basis with anyone who had just joined the ladder, unless we have ESP or are mindreaders, OR they are already friends of ours. One person who signed up that day even stated in the lobby that they have known certain members of the ateam for four years. It's great that they got their friends to sign up with the ladder but I'm afraid that those very same friends are now going to be responsible for keeping this ladder afloat otherwise it will wind up being just like 7/8ths of all the other cases pogo ladders. DEAD. On that note, I do not know why they think they can bring so much life into this ladder (and put off the veteran people who have played here for years) when it is plainly apparent their efforts on other pogo ladders have been in vain, unless shutting down the ladder is their goal, and if that is the case then they are doing a splendid job. Check it out yourself at, click pogo and see just how many of those ladders are actually operational. I found a total of four (including this one) and two of those can hardly count unless holding a single tournament in a whole month is considered being active. We even did better than that with our small group at our slowest times.

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