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Posted by claypigeon46 (Gold Member) (Ranked 12 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on October 02, 2007 at 20:52:31:

I am so sad to see what has happened to this ladder. I have played her on and off for a while and even though it has never been "big" it has always been fun.

What a shame to see the "A team" come in and hurt instead of helping a such a nice place to play. That's the only thing I can think of that has happened that has caused so many to leave, the TD's and HTD's as well as key players. It is so disappointing to see only one TD and know that she is on the A team. I know the A team gets free Diamond memberships ( essentially its like being paid $240) and they come in and all the good folks leave.

Its been nice to be here and I will miss all of you who put so much into keeping this ladder going, I will look for all of you on pogo and hope to see you soon.

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