The first part of the Halloween story

The first part of the Halloween story

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Posted by Sweetdarlin33_ (Platinum) (Ranked 15 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on October 29, 2006 at 15:38:44:

This is the first segment of the story. Each of you have another chance to get in on chances to win Bonus Buxs. The ones that have sent a first part to the story,you need to send a closure. Explain what happened to you that night. Send it to me via email. Please get it to me asap.

All Hallow's Eve, Samhain or Halloween. Different names for the ancient celebration of summers end. Some cultures celebrated it as the end of one year and the beginning of another. This commemoration of death and rebirth spans the many generations of mankind.

The ancient Celts celebrated it as the Feast of The Dead. It was believed the dead could return to the land of the living for one night. As the dead walked the face of the earth the threshold that separates our world from the Otherworld is at its thinnest. With no protection from beings with maleficience at heart, mankind is at risk of annihilation.

So begins the story of our small band of friends. Gathering in an abandoned hotel on Halloween for a night of debauchery and fun, the small group must face their fears... or die trying. Our story opens as the guest start to arrive....

Monday, October 30
9:00 p.m.
The arrival of the Pillsbury Doughboy

I think this is the right place. The invitation said, "You Are Invited To A Weekend Of Dancing, Partying And Meeting New People On Tuesday, October 31, 2006. Feel Free To Come Earlier If You Can. Address Is The Starlight Hotel At 666 Hallow’s Lane." I being one who loved people, good food and parties immediately thought this was a good idea. I arrived on Monday night but the hotel seemed like it was all in darkness except for a flickering light I could see in the upper floor. The hotel looked run down and appeared to need some major renovations. Window shutters were near falling off, glass windows were broken in a couple of spots and there were weeds everywhere surrounding the building. I asked myself whether I should turn around and go back home but it was getting late and I was tired and hungry. Gathering up my luggage from the trunk of my car, I headed for the front door.

The door creaked open as I approached. With trepidation, I walked into the lobby and what would soon add 10 years to my life. The lobby was dimly lit with a candle that was sitting on the front desk. Next to the desk was a book and a sign that said, "Please register, take the key lying here and go to Room 13." I looked around for another person but could see or hear nothing other than wind blowing through a broken window. There was a tattered sofa in the lobby, a desk that was sitting on 3 legs and a rug on the floor that had seen better days. I said to myself, "Dark or not, I'm getting out of here!"

I ran back to the front door but it wouldn't open. I tried pushing it, pulling it to no avail. It looked like I was here for the night so I slowly walked back to the desk and with shaking fingers signed in. "Pillsbury Dough Boy", took the key and headed in what I hoped was the direction of Room 13.

9:10 p.m.
The arrival of the Playboy Bunny

Man, what a cool night this is, the moon is so bright and clear. We not cool, there is no car jockey. This is a totally scary and cool place. As I start walking up the stone steps to the hotel, I scream, OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I take a deep breathe and think and think, okay, okay its cool, everything is cool now I have an extra pair of high heels in the trunk of my car, why oh why would they make these steps with cracks in them, ruined a perfectly good pair of heels. I get the door and the doorman takes my coat, of course all eyes in the room stare at me, sooo i just toss my long blonde hair and walk to the bar..............

9:20 p.m.
The arrival of Al Capone

The rain seemed to lighten up as the sleek black sedan rounded the corner and skidded to a stop in front of the six-story darkened building.

"The joint looks deserted boss!" the driver says to his backseat passenger. "I told ya before I don't like this setup," He glares back at the shadowed face of Al "Scarface" Capone. Capone understands the concern of his driver and personal bodyguard "Bottles" Nunzio. After all it wasn't in Capone’s nature to respond to a secret invitation by a dame. But this night was different mainly because of the sender of this invite. "Bottles after I get out, you drive around to the back and slip in through the kitchen. Then keep yourself outta sight until I get to size up the situation." Bottles nods in the affirmative as Scarface steps out onto the darkened sidewalk.

Capone pats his breast pocket to feel the comforting bulge of his heater. He then strides over to the entrance of the long abandoned building that once served as a luxury hotel. He watches as Bottles turns into the alley then grasps the front door handle and pushes it open. He’s surprised as he enters a shadowy foyer to see a brightly lit room beyond with people moving about. With an extra squeeze of his breast pocket he steps into the room and looks around. One figure is immediately familiar to him as intimate memories flood his brain. He quickly realizes the foolishness of becoming too distracted and forces himself to suppress the carnal instincts that had begun. As he surveys the room he sees a few other people in the shadowy outer areas of the main room. They appear to be seated at tables. He focuses on the willowy creature leaning seductively against the bar and again reminds himself to save those urges as her sensuous form is outlined with her back to him.

Capone moves across the room almost effortlessly as you would see a jungle cat do. He gently leans in very close to the blonde bombshell and whispers softly into her ear, "What's a doll like you doing with no escort?" She immediately spins around as she recognizes the voice that frequently visits her seductively in her dreams. She throws both arms around his bullish neck and mashes her willowy frame onto his. "I knew you'd come for me" she said as her breathing seemed to become more shallow and labored. It was evident to the Chicago crime boss known as Scarface that she wanted him.

As if out of nowhere a bell rang crisply. A set of swinging doors toward the back of the room opened and a figure in a chefs clothing wheeled a covered cart into the room. He proceeded to push it in the direction of Capone and the dame without looking up. As he approached the two he held one hand out containing a note. Al lifted the note from his hand and opened to find the words scrawled in red "Bon Apetite". As he glances up he realizes the mysterious chef has disappeared. Before he could stop her doll face lifts the silver cover from the tray and eeks out one scream before she faints and slumps into Al's arms. He shivers with an unfamiliar sense of foreboding as he sees the severed head of his driver Bottles looking up at him ghoulishly.

9:30 p.m.
The arrival of Cinderella

I can not believe I let the sales lady at the costume store talk me into this thing. It is a beautiful costume but it isn't me. It really isn't the Cinderella I remember from the stories when I was a kid. The dress is red and has a bodice that ties in the back, very snug fitting. My breasts feel like they are sitting on a shelf with the top half sticking out. The skirt fluffs out and has a train that drags the floor. The top layer of the dress is a flimsy black lace with the sleeves laying mid shoulder. The dress has a chapel length train hanging from the back of the dress, made of black lace. "These people are going to think I am a high priced hooker instead of Cinderella" I think to myself as I arrive at the run down hotel.

Looking around before I turn the knob, it looks scary. I am shaking as I open the door. I step inside, not having to adjust to the lighting because it is just as dark in the foyer as it is outside. I can hear noise and see light beyond the desk. At least I think it’s the desk. As I walk toward the noise, the floor creaks and I move cobwebs out the way so they don't get caught up in my hair or the tiara.

Thinking about turning around and going home, I reach the main room. It looks pretty cool and the music sounds good. A d.j. is set up in a dark corner with only a few candles around him lit. Food is set out every where. There’s a big dance floor. The decorations are awesome. It all looks very original, like they kept all the dust and cobwebs of the run down hotel. I look around the floor, waiting for a rat or two to scurry around.

9:45 p.m.
The arrival of Eeyore

Not much of a party for not much of a donkey. I got an invitation for this party by mistake. I know it had my name on it but nobody ever invites me to parties. I don't know why. I like parties as much as the next donkey. I can't explain why everything messes up when I go to parties. Sigh---

Oh well, I guess I'll just make myself comfortable here in the corner. I'll call it the lonely corner. I see all of the other people laughing and having a good time. I don't think I can have a good time. Things are always going wrong with me. I'm not much of a donkey, you see.

This hotel looks like my house. It's run down and looks abandoned. Not much of a house for not much of a donkey. I wonder if there are ghosts in this hotel. My house would have ghosts. Christopher Robin says I have to have more faith in myself. I have faith that my house might have ghosts. It's awful drafty in here. A cool chill just went by me. It’s almost as if a ghost just walked by. Oh well, not much of a ghost for not much of a donkey.

I hear music and I see the people beginning to dance. I wish someone would ask me to dance but I'm not much of a dancer. Not much of a dancer for not much of a donkey. I wish I could show them that four feet are much better than two. Sigh---

Oh no! The lights just went out. I didn't move, I promise I didn't!

9:55 p.m.
The arrival of Merlin the Magician

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Merlin. I am a magician and tonight I am here to magish for you..... Ok, ok just be happy I'm not a wizard! As I look around the room I see familiar but strange faces. I think to myself “they are so old, how could this have happened?” I know what to do! I will go to my Mercedes and get my magic box. It's full of great things.

When I return everyone is sitting at the bar (of course). Boozers, they’re all boozers. I reach in my magic box and find my magic wand. I wave it across the room ever so slowly as to make sure I get all these old geezers. POOF! POOF! I have performed my magic and what a wonderful site it is. All my friends are clad in beautiful long sequined purple robes and beautiful black diamond studded pointed hats, what a site to behold!

.......... Wow...... what a dream that was! I awake in my shabby little motel room. I wish I could go back to sleep. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I slowly move towards it (no one knows I'm here, they think I'm rich). I slowly open the door, it creaks open and there sits a black cat. He tells me I have 1 wish. Hmm, I must think on this. Suddenly it comes to me. I must wish for youth for my friends, POOF! POOF!.......the cat is gone. I get dressed in my long purple robe and pointed hat and head to the hotel in my 20 year old Volkswagon bus. I pull in the rear parking lot so no one will see me. I walk into the hotel where my friends are. What used to be a bar is now a nursery and there they all sit in their diapers, sucking their thumbs. WOW ! What a site this is. Have fun young-ins, I’m going out and P A R T Y! This is the best HALLOWEEN ever.

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