Time Travel...Bonus Buxs involved

Time Travel...Bonus Buxs involved

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Posted by Sweetdarlin33_ (Platinum) (Ranked 4 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on January 09, 2005 at 19:26:31:

hOOtie and I will be writing a series of stories dealing with notable events from the past. In each story there will be a player or players in it from the ladder. We will not tell you who it is but give clues to the identity or identities of them. The first person/member of the ladder to guess the correct person or persons will get bonus buxs. Depending on the story and how many involved will determine the bonus buxs. Bonus Buxs amount will be posted with story. You will need to post your guess's under the story. If not sure how ask. We have tried to come up with well known events and with doing that some of them are not very popular. Please Do Not think if we included you as a character in one of these events that we are inferring anything personal about you. This is for fun, for yall to become involved in the ladder more. 1 more thing if yall could..please in your profile at pogo could you include things like maybe age (if not there), hobbies something that would better help us with clues in the stories. You could change the profile back at any given time.

We hope yall enjoy this as much as we will enjoy doing it.

Sweet and hOOtie

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