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Posted by Sweetdarlin33_ (Platinum) (Ranked 20 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on June 09, 2004 at 19:48:18:

I thought I might share some common rules for cases with ya'll. I know when I started here I didn't read the rules and I learned the hard way about them. So here are some just to help ya'll.

Account Rules
If your E-mail address is found to be invalid your account will be penalized or removed.
Your Ladder name must match the name you use in chat and play your matches under exactly. This includes spaces, underscores and other keyboard characters. If it doesn't the match is invalid and your opponent is not required to report any losses to you.
If you haven't played a match in 21 days you will be automatically removed for inactivity in order to keep the Ladder as dynamic as possible and give everyone a chance to move up.Removal for inactivity is completely automated. No exceptions are made to this rule.
It is illegal for one person to have multiple accounts. Only one account is allowed per person, PERIOD.

It is illegal for more than one person to use or share the same account. You are more than welcome to each participate in the Ladder, but you will have to create separate accounts for each individual playing.
Registered Players

All 4 players in each game must be registered on Case's Ladder for the match to be reportable.

Booted Player

If any player gets disconnected or booted they shall have 10 minutes to return to the game and if the player has not returned within the 10 minutes then they are to report it as a loss.
Reporting & Passwords: It is illegal to share your password with any other user for the purpose of reporting or any reason. If you are discovered using another user's password both of your accounts will be removed.
There are many other rules. Please read them,they might come in handy. The General Rules is on the left side of main page the last link under The Ladder

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