Follow these Directions.....

Follow these Directions.....

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Posted by StoogeMamba (LadderOp) (Ranked 18 on Golden Tee Golf (Direct IP) Ladder) on November 28, 2013 at 05:27:06 PST:

In Reply to: what to download to start playing GTG again posted by moonwalker on November 27, 2013 at 21:22:57 PST:

Studio Download and Directions
First you must download the Golden Tee Gold Game which has all the new courses. Download is at bottom of this page.

The Download is at the very bottom of this page but first Create a folder on your desktop and called it GTG or something and download all of the Studio files into it. After you downloaded it open the GTG folder.
The Icon called Launcher is what actually opens Studio, double click on it.

After launching Studio you will see at the top of Studio the word "Account" this is where you will sign up and get activated. Follow the directions to get your name activated.

Next is"GTG" where you will Set your GTG location. Click on it and then select Incredible Technologies, then Golden Tee Golf, and continue to select until you get to the Icon "Golf Green with red flag"
that launches Golf game, then click on select or what ever it says.
The last thing in GTG is Play GTG, click on it to make sure it launches the golf game.
"Tools" is where you will set your host. You need to set your host every time you start Studio. Select "set Host" Select click on select host. Here is also where you can check if your ports are open or closed. You need ports 1515 and 1516 open. If they are closed you will have to get someone who knows what they are doing to talk you through opening them. You can ask in this Forum.

If you are told you that you need it the download is at bottom of this page.

How to join a game

To play or join a game you must first sign into Studio.
Click on GTG at the top. Then select "Play GTG". (double click on it) After game starts up the “How many players” screen comes up. On left side select the "Internet" icon (fourth one down), click on it. On the next screen click on "Golden Tee Net". The “Sign in” screen comes up. Put in the name you signed into Studio with.
The next screen tells you "Welcome to BigMacLand", click on it. You have now arrived at the screen you select games to play or chat rooms to enter. Sometimes the games don’t show up immediately so if you know there is a game up and you don’t see it, you will have to exit BigMacLand and return several times to get the games to show up.
: Hope this helps.

: Thank you for your time,

: StoogeMamba, LadderOp
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