Ok something I would like to share

Ok something I would like to share

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Posted by Unrealshock (Gold Member) (Ranked 36 on Monopoly (Games.com) Ladder) on August 20, 2002 at 20:56:24:

Ok I wrote this poem I know it might suck but who cares its funny

I came to this ladder being excited and free
I came to this ladder to do a good deed
I left this ladder about 2 months ago
because games.com was being a hoe

Now that I'm back Id like to say hi
Now that Im back I'll never say bye

I went on my own in search of some fun
but found myself at a tip of a gun
I had no experience with being a TD
I had no one willing to teach it to me
I fought through the battles and won them at cost
I fought through them all with the sense I was lost

Then I remebered this small little league that needed some help
I thought to long and hard thinking maybe I should contribute myself

They need people that can bring back the league
They needed someone that was Just Like Me!

Poem written by:Unrealshock

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