Hello I'm Back

Hello I'm Back

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Posted by Unrealshock (Platinum) (Ranked on Monopoly (Games.com) Ladder) on August 15, 2002 at 18:33:33:

Ok hi guys I am back after spending countless weeks with myleague ladders i had to come back and tech you guys some tricks lol

#1=Ok most of us here are adults right so why don't we act like adults i mean comon after spending time with myleague.com and actally creating 2 leagues of my own that have become very poular one is for playsite monopoly the other is for pogo pool which is now the biggest myleague for pogo pool ok anyways noone over there i mean none does these things you guys do here i mean everyone over there looks out for each other and doesn't ridacule or make fun of another member in my oppinion that is why myleagues are more active then case's ladder"s

#2=Alright was is up with the tourneys you guys need to start hosting more another thing you all need to stop staying so very straict to the app rule about 3 months most it is one thing to say they need 3 months of experinece with case's in all but were did you come up with this 3months on the particular ladder no offense but it should be judged on character and how you conduct yourself also i would say how much knowledge you have of the

#3=Try to become more active and if you aren't an active person then try to get more members for the league this league could use alot more

Well I know some of you might think this is crap but in reality its the truth

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