Another league?

Another league?

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Posted by GemSparkles (Ranked 10 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on August 30, 2003 at 08:45:51:

It is a shame to see this league not active and that another league has taken over the room... *sighs* very upsetting indeed...

I would like to know now that playsite is no longer offering Monopoly does that give the right of other myleagues to just come in and take over our room...

The league I saw playing in our room was a playsite league displaced... their address is... do they have permission to be playing in our room?

I just wish I could urge all memebers to come back to our league and make it stronger and better, like it used to be... But it seems no one seems to care... Not even our Op's, TD's and others that are higher up... Instead of trying to make our league active again... It seems they are just willing to sit with their dice up their butts and let other leagues take over our room...

What a shame...

Many a time I just sit in here and can't find anyone to play... *shakes head*... Maybe it's just time to let this league die once and for all and let another league that is obviously active in offering their members games and tournaments to play...

A sad, sad day...


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