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Posted by AngelEyez (Gold Member) (Ranked 32 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on August 17, 2003 at 13:40:23:

In Reply to: Sharing the Lobby posted by 7DZens (Gold Member) on July 24, 2003 at 08:56:20:

: While I understand and agree that we have always shared our lobby with leagues who's lobbies were having trouble I think its time for the myleague sharing with us now to leave. Park Place is running fine and has been for a while. Ive been playing there all week and havent been booted and have had some of their leagues staff agree that it is up and running fine. I witnessed jrado2005TD advertise their league address and claim that the lobby belonged to them just a few moments ago. When I tried to correct him on it he really appeared to think the lobby was theirs. If this is the way their staff thinks, its obvious they've been away from home to long.

: Its almost impossible to get new players to join our league because this myleague is so prevailing it appears that our league our the outsiders. Whoever the top brass was that gave them permission to "borrow" the lobby needs to stay on top of the situation so we can concentrate on getting the players in MG to join and help build this league back up.

: Any ideas on who this person is???

: 7DZens

I would just sit in MG and announce over and over and over that the lobby belongs to gamesmonop, and advertise where to sign up... Yea, a little immature.. But if their room is working fine, and they don't leave willingly.. make them want to.
(Whiteys (park place) is run by a totally different administrative team now, and as far as I know havent had permission to play in MG since we where HTD's and that was a long time ago..
So if one of the htd's or someone else here told them it was ok, then that person better step up and tell them its time to go home! And if that person is no longer here, or doesnt respond, then we can just assume they got permission from someone who didn't have the right to give them permission, and therefore never had a right to play in MG in the first place...

(I'm testy..having a stressful day.. Haven't even really been around here for months..Just stopped by to say hi, and to see if there where any tournies.. Was in the mood for a game..
So I know its not really my busniess anymore.. But I still get very "protective" of MG)

Well...anyways.. Hi everyone!! I'm going to NYC soon for 4 days to possibly a week depending on how I do at auditions.. Leaving my kids for the first time... They will be with daddy, but i'm about to have a panic
Other than that.. summer has been nice:)
How's it going with everyone? Actually.. Where IS everyone?

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