Re: Who would have thought it???

Re: Who would have thought it???

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Posted by ICantWinL8ly (Ranked on Monopoly ( Ladder) on April 07, 2003 at 18:50:14:

In Reply to: Re: Who would have thought it??? posted by AngelEyez (Gold Member) on April 06, 2003 at 15:23:26:

First off, I called NO ONE names, but whatever. Secondly, the league using marvins is NOT wm. It is a NEW league, and NOT an established league as you say. And park place has been down for nearly 5 months. It has NEVER been down that long. And there is no indication that it will ever be fixed. So, what is the timeframe for allowing the other, newly established league to share marvins? If it's only until park place is up and running again, well you better welcome your permanent partner league, since they'll never have park place as their home again. And, in case you can't see for yourself, I haven't played here, nor do I intend to. I simply needed to point out the unfairness of this whole situation. I've now done that.

: We have always been very tight with Park Place (WM) , and have allowed them to borrow our room MANY times Until PP was fixed.. it always goes down..and Back up and they go home. They have always had our back too, and would let us use Park place if/when we needed it..
: If this is still the case (WM being the league in Marvins right now) Then there is a BIG difference..
: WM has been around forever.. (had its ups and downs just like every other league, so dont even think about trash talking any leagues activity..)
: Letting a well known league that already HAS a room Temporarily use our's, is different than telling some other league they can PERMANENTLY share marvin gardens. The leaders here have the option of telling PP league to leave if it seems like they are trying to make it a permanent home.
: I'm not even active here right now, and really couldnt care less about "who plays where" at the moment... Just had to respond to your whining to point out the difference there...
: If you dont like it, Withdraw.. No-1 is keeping you here.. Jag, Please delete His post as it is Clearly against forum rules. (Name calling..ect..)
: (Delete mine right along with it)
: The ladder is doing well now thanks to a very dedicated hooka ;) and its nice around here... I'm looking foward to finding a lil free time to play a few :o)

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