Who would have thought it???

Who would have thought it???

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Posted by ICantWinL8ly (Ranked on Monopoly (Games.com) Ladder) on April 02, 2003 at 10:15:47:

Gee, when another league wanted to share this lobby several months ago, they were flatly denied. Even though they said it would HELP this ladder get active again. But instead, the "leaders" (and I use that term VERY loosely) refused to let another league in here. But, lo and behold, another league was allowed here and now this league is active again. Who would have EVER thought that would happen by letting another league use this lobby? And even though it says it's temporary until Park Place is fixed, get real. Park Place will NEVER be fixed. It's been down how many months now? So what does that mean? The other league will be allowed to remain here indefinitely while other leagues were refused access to Marvin Gardens? You guys are pitiful. You said you wanted to save this league in the past, but when someone wanted to help, they were turned away. But when someone who is friends with a "leader" (again used very loosely) wanted to use the lobby, they were welcomed with open arms. This league crap is nothing more than backstabbing, cliques, and politics. Anyone that thinks about joining a league should get their head examined. DON'T do it, just play games with strangers, they are bound to be more friendly.

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