Games.Com has Deleted "The Garden"?

Games.Com has Deleted "The Garden"?

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Posted by Foxyman705 (Ranked 1 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on January 16, 2003 at 14:28:45:

Within the last 12 hours, Games.Com in its infinite "wisdom", has deleted Marvin Gardens from the list of Monopoly lobbies. Where will this league play ladders and tournies now? Any ideas? I think in this situation, a ladder between two league members held in ANY existing Monopoly lobby ought to be viewed as "legal."

I realize the players have not been coming into our lobby for several months now because the number of tournaments have been dwindling and ladders are practically non-existant as well. This was due to Games' performance "issues" as well as the massive "clean sweep" Case's staff did of TDs who had been trying to rebuild this ladder since July. Punishing the TDs who tried to hold tournies without any players for "inactivity" really DIDN'T work. Few have taken advantage of the oportunity to reapply. Now, with our "home" ripped away by Games.Com with NO warning, what's the point of trying to keep this league together?

Now how "dumb" do those of us who wanted a "merger" with another league look?

My best to all the friends I have made in this Case's Monopoly. The friendships I made and the sense of "family" this league had when it was in its "prime", helped me through some challenging times and I will be forever grateful to the many wonderful people I met here.

If our lobby truly IS gone, I hope to see many of you in Reading Railroad, or the Electric Company, where I hang out regularly.

What a SAD way for this league to DIE. :-(

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