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Posted by AngelEyez (Platinum) (Ranked 22 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on December 23, 2002 at 09:24:25:

In Reply to: Re: Try this idea... posted by 7DZens (Platinum) on December 18, 2002 at 14:42:56:

: I never said I expected it to happen, funny how the one that started all this "we have to merge" hasnt added anything since his first statement though. I could tell you what killed this ladder and you're right it was within but everytime I mention their name they pop back up and the recent peace is kinda nice.

Bill.. Dont bother, you know better, dont waste your energy on her. The ladder isnt going anywhere, and eventually..someday..she will choke on her own venim and die, and the ladder will come back to life :)

..Sty..Pixie.7dzens...Whoever you are this week..
Merry Christmas to you too! I havent gone anywhere. I pop "Back up" at least once a week to see whats happening to the ladder, (that I have belonged to loooooong before you barged in and knocked everyone out of your way) hoping to see some improvement You are the one who "popped in" way back when this ladder was rocking and killed it.. Then you swore for months that everything that went wrong on this ladder was my fault...blah blah..(funny how before you ever showed up this ladder was #1) I was a damned good Td, and HTD, until I just decided I didnt need to deal with your crap anymore.. And it hurt to step down, but the freedom from YOU has been well worth it..
SO I stepped down months ago, ..your still here &the ladder is Pitiful. Funny, Looks like 90% of the ladder left with me.. and The "Problems" didnt stop .. looks like they got as bad as they can get! I am known all over Cases and Myleagues as decent, hardworking, honest person, and have asked constantly to run other ladders. Yet, you are known as "Oh crap, trouble's here-lets just withdraw now and join another ladder."
I have been here since the beginning, and will always be here...
So get used to it, or Just leave once and for all.. I swore last year that you would be the death of this ladder, and Looks like you proved me right.. You even stepped down a few months ago when this ladder was down the drain because you didnt want it to look like you were a part of its death. Yet, your still in here posting like you give a dam.. So Why dont you Apply for HTD and help Fix this mess?? You got your wish, and totally took over yet another ladder, got rid of everyone that was good for it, now what?? What are you waiting for?? Who's to blame now? Just gonna let it rot? I truely feel bad for the few good gems left here, and for the New TDM because as long as your around, this ladder will never be the same again. You may have a few new victims fooled for now..But time will reveal the truth.
Regardless, I will be here after the holidays to Play some monopoly, so See ya in the Garden!
P.S "recent peace"?? If you call a dead ladder and Silence due to Zero-activiy "Peace".. well..You got it.
Happy Holidays to you and yours.. Its christmas for Goodness sake.. Nothing can stop you can it?
(you can go ahead and state that I just "assumed" you were talking about you..or that I must have killed the ladder because I replied..blah blah.. Make up new stories about me for the new members.. whatever, say what you have to say to make yourself believe that you have "won" the imaginary war with me in your head..I'm not coming back in here until after the holidays, so that should give you plenty of time to Stragically plan your next attack.) If you dont feel the need to reply..Praise the Lord! I just wanted to let you know I havent left, and you should put your $ where your mouth is and Boost this ladder up back to its rightful #1 position. Good Luck!
I wish GM the Best. Always have.
Aka AngelEyez


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