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Re: Try this idea...

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Posted by billdozer90 (Gold Member) (Ranked 19 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on December 20, 2002 at 05:57:43:

In Reply to: Re: Try this idea... posted by 7DZens (Platinum) on December 18, 2002 at 14:42:56:

: I never said I expected it to happen, funny how the one that started all this "we have to merge" hasnt added anything since his first statement though. I could tell you what killed this ladder and you're right it was within but everytime I mention their name they pop back up and the recent peace is kinda nice.

: : So what you're saying, is that you want a league that's well-established, and the administration team worked hard to build up, to join this ladder and save it? And then that myleague would lose their league? Yeah, if I was an administrator of another league, that's exactly what I would want to do. NOT!!!! I think if you want this ladder saved, it's something that has to be done from within. I don't know what happened with this ladder, but I would guess something from within killed it, so it has to be saved the same way. You can't rely on another league or leagues to do it for you.

: :
: : : I'm not against merging. I just want them to merge with us and not us with them. Monopoly players need the option of belonging to a league run by Cases and not a Myleague Admin team.

: : : So again, tell the admins of the leagues you think would be interested to send their memebers here, sign up for td and disband the myleague. If they are willing to play by Case's rules, whats stopping them. We got the open spots on the staff for them dont we?

: : : 7DZens

I havent added anything to all this bickering because i feel that all i did was throw out an idea. u think that i killed this ladder, lol, you are so wrong. u have no idea how many people wanna kill u 7d. you have very few fans on this ladder! I tried to save this ladder in the begining when it first started to go under and failed just as everyone else has that has tried to save it. just look at the past, it will tell all! this ladder is history and once again i just throw out an idea on how to save it and peoples immediate reactions where to shoot it down! i personally think its a great idea or i wouldnt have suggested it. im sorry 7d that ur so self centered that u must think that everything u think and do is so right!

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