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Posted by ICantWinL8ly (Ranked on Monopoly ( Ladder) on December 16, 2002 at 07:43:33:

In Reply to: Re: this ladder posted by 7DZens (Platinum) on December 15, 2002 at 21:03:56:

I've been playing in myleagues in other games for a couple of years now. I find nothing wrong with them IF they are run well, and have an administration team that's fair and abides by case's rules. Yes, there ARE some bad ones, so to that I simply say don't join those. Don't make a generalization that ALL myleagues are bad, because that is simply not true. And from what I've seen here so far, I'd pick a myleague for monopoly over case's any day of the week. At least with the myleagues, I'd actually be able to PLAY, unlike what I've been able to do here. You don't even have many TDs now, just 3 total. And on the very rare occasion there has been a tournament scheduled, most never take place because you can't even get 4 people to join. The myleagues for monopoly never have a problem getting 4 players. So, tell me again? Exactly WHY is case's better than myleague (a well-run myleague)?

: : All right. We can merge with them. They can erase their league and join our ladder :-)

: : Jag
: Exactly!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me at all knows I am totally anti-myleague. I play on 5 different cases ladders for different games and the reason I always choose cases over myleagues.

: Cases is a business that will always make their decisions based on set rules that are clearly stated. Myleagues simply do whatever their admin team wants to do. If its not in their rules, they add or change them.

: There are plenty of spots for an existing myleague to fill here if they simply sign up and agree to play by case's rules. So talk to those admins of leagues you think might like to merge. Tell them we got a great lobby and they can play and host all they want to in it by simply clicking the join button.

: 7DZens

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