Its 9 O'Clock....Do you know where your TD is?

Its 9 O'Clock....Do you know where your TD is?

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Posted by 7DZens (Platinum) (Ranked 20 on Monopoly ( Ladder) on December 06, 2002 at 18:29:38:

My night so far...

It started when I was late for the first tourney scheduled but I saw there were only 3 people registered and check in was still open so I decided to get into the lobby first and then I would register. After about 10 minutes I got in, couldnt find anyone, clicked on register and noticed the tourney had been canceled while I was working my way in. Sign... no problem, 2 more scheduled for me to try.

Went out for a bit, came home about 15 till 9 saw check in not open. I know its quirky, but I like to wait till check in is open before I register. Saves me a step and Im known to be lazy. Well its 9:15 and still no
check in open. I see Tomspeed is here and he's offered to host if we have enough players but I cant say I see alot of effort being made to get them.

BTW, I sent a resignation letter in a few days after Ates resigned using the Email HTD Link. Since then, my stats have been reset so I wouldnt get purged and I keep getting the "we have to host" emails. I use to hate when TD's had to use the forum to resign from their positions, but I can see now why they might of done so.


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