Enough is enough

Enough is enough

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Posted by Dragon__58 (Platinum) (Ranked on Pinochle (Flipside) Ladder) on October 03, 2002 at 08:51:10:

I find it fascinating that certain people seem to feel they are the experts on my thoughts and feelings as well as others when they never had the courage to speak to me. Instead they chose to hold late night meetings slandering and accusing myself and others concerning the attempt to revive this ladder. They have been given every attempt to speak to me on the issue and still they chose to avoid it. Personally I refuse to take part in the gossip mill and also refuse to be made a pawn in someoneís plan to make them selves and their motives look honorable. If this group and their leader are so devious as to use these tactics I see no point in continuing in what could have been a viable alternative for the players to have a fun game free of all the political nonsense.

It has been made clear to myself that this faction will stop at nothing to prevent this ladder from operating and anyone that attempts to will be attacked and blacklisted in effect by their slander. I see no point in continuing my efforts concerning this ladder unless the situation changes. It is a shame that through all this it is the players that are suffering.

For the present time I will continue as a player and enjoy the ladder be it cases or MyLeague. If a viable alternative is presented to me on reviving this ladder I will be happy to discuss it otherwise you will find me at the tables playing. After all isnít that what itís really all about?

If at any time someone wishes to discuss any of the occurrences, my reasons or the events surrounding this ladder feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer any questions and choose not to hide in the shadows. All I ask is have the courtesy to do so in either a PM if you ask in a flipside room or ask me on Paltalk. I refuse to allow this matter to interfere with any TD or tournament being held by any cases or MyLeague ladder regardless of the room or ladder.

I wish you all well and good luck in all your games

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