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Posted by jodi_78 (Platinum) (Ranked on Pinochle (Flipside) Ladder) on October 02, 2002 at 03:32:58:

The rumor mill and hypocrisy is alive and well on flipside pinochle, with all the back stabbing going on it's surprising anyone can enjoy a game while wading through the blood.

Jim and I stopped being td's at 4players because of the in fighting and politics, we decided to go back to our beginnings which was in this ladder and hoped to have a place where there were no admins but Cases and hopefully avoid the power trips that seem to affect the my league ladders. This was an established cases ladder that had gone down and we thought that with Jims leadership we could make it a nice place to have a friendly game. There are rumors now flying that it was being resurrected in order to hurt others, that it was done behind this one's back and with that one's support to get revenge. None of this is true. Other people who shared our vision and have joined us have been blasted and harrassed because of their decision yet no one has come to Jim nor I to ask us about it. We have been accused of trying to destroy another ladder, of trying to hurt someone else....yet why does no one look at what Phil has done? He has stolen players and td's from all the other ladders, people have been coming in and pming others to come join them both in the rooms and in pal talk (and yes we've received these pms ourselves), the lies have spread like wildfire....all practices which we haven't used nor ever inteded to use. What that ladder is doing is destroying 3 other ladders not just displacing one! The harrassment that has been coming from that ladders players and td's is vindictive, childish and downright nasty. Jims decision to open this ladder had nothing to do with anyone else it was his decision alone and the rest of us liked it and followed. He was at least up front with Joe and when asked about it told him everything. Now, however, all these so called "loyal supporters" of 4players have decided to use the excuse of this ladder to abandon 4players and support the rogue ladder. It's DX all over again, with some of Joes most vocal supposed supporters perpetrating the rumors and lies. We were not trying to ruin anyone, but rather to have an alternative. Until you people get over the "Us vs them" idea, the wars will continue. Personally, I would go back to 4players to td rather than help to destroy it. Happy playing all and we'll see you when you discover the truth. I wish you well.

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