Kevchel999 quitting

Kevchel999 quitting

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Posted by Big_Sky_Tom (Gold Member) (Ranked 6 on Pinochle (Flipside) Ladder) on March 13, 2002 at 09:48:24:

What in the world are you back stabbing TD's up too, and what is there to gain from all this? The only reason this ladder exist is because Kevchell999 put so much of his time and effort in making it such a success. Personally the only reason I joined was because the man ran such an upstanding and forward tournament. It's a crying shame because it will be not only a great loss to the ladder, but will probably spell the end for it as well. Head TD hah, might as well be a joke. Why give someone that responsibilty if your not gonna back him when it counts. I'm ashamed of you all involved and sorry that I spent hard earned money on supporting this ladder. You TD's that screwed this up should come forward and make it right. That is if you can admitt you may have made a mistake.......

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