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Posted by awhitedove1 (Ranked 10 on Pinochle (Flipside) Ladder) on July 18, 2001 at 21:11:59:

Last night I was witness to an arguement between hann and pepsi guy. Due to this arguement both men were put in the box, now while pepsi did not start this...he was in error for the way he handled it. That said, the punishment seemed to fit the crime. However, later today, i was reading the daily results, and what to my shocked eyed should be seen????? Hann not only is out of the box, but got his rank back. Hmmmm interesting!!!!!! This is a man that threatened another player with the fact that he is a head td, and told pepsi that he was not welcomed on the site. Yes hann, i do have a copy of the chat, and yes hann its been forwarded to NIKE. Prehaps in the future, it would be wise just to let sleeping dogs lie, and not throw around what you precieve as power. Remember one thing, this is a pretend world, with all of us having funny names and funny faces. But injustice is injustice here and in the real world. This is unreal, and i am withdrawing from my league. If this is the type of head tds you have, thank you but NO THANKS

Is this the way myleagues work??????????

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