Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: LadderBux

  • Where can I see what prizes are available to purchase with my LadderBux? - Top

    Click here to view the prizes currently available in our LadderBux store. Check back frequently as product is always changing!

  • Is there somewhere I can look to see who has redeemed LadderBux recently and for what? - Top

    Click here for a list of recent LadderBux redemptions.

  • Do I have to be a premium member to redeem my LadderBux for prizes? - Top

    No, but you do earn MORE LadderBux for everything you do on the site though if you are a premium member, so the redemptions will come a lot sooner!

  • I ordered something from the LadderBux store quite awhile ago and still haven't received it. What can I do? - Top

    E-mail for assistance with this problem.

  • What are LadderBux? - Top

    Click here to read all about our LadderBux program.


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