Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ: Cheating, etc.

  • There is more than one person playing from my house. How can I make sure we aren't mistaken for multiple accounts? - Top

    As long as you never report losses to each other you will not be violating any rules. Users from the same household or sharing the same computer may NOT report losses to one another. That is what will get all of your accounts kicked off. Additionally, one player having more than one account on the same Ladder is a multiple accounts violation and will result in all multiple accounts of that player being kicked off.

  • I can't seem to get my match report through. Can I have someone else report it for me? - Top

    No! Doing so will flag your accounts as coming from the same location. Sharing passwords is against the Ladder rules. Instead, send a mail via the “Support” link regarding that issue so that the matter can be addressed.

  • I stayed at a Ladder members house for one day last month while traveling and now we get a security violation when we try to play each other? - Top

    If you used his computer to report losses from or access your Ladder account at all then the system will assume you live in the same household and Staff will be notified. Unfortunately, we have no way of over-riding this security protection. If this happens, send a mail via the “Support” link explaining your situation so that the matter can be handled appropriately.

  • How can I get a refund for my Gold, Platinum, or Diamond account if I was kicked off for rule violations? - Top

    You can't. It is clearly stated in the membership agreement that if you are removed for breaking the Ladder rules you forfeit your Gold, Platinum, or Diamond account. The rules are there for a reason, so please follow them!


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