About LadderBux

About LadderBux

Case's Ladder is proud to offer you rewards for using our site. Just like frequent flyer programs offered by the airlines, our LadderBux program lets you earn a variety of items just for using our service! We do our best to keep a constant supply of new and exciting prizes in our LadderBux Redemption Center for you to redeem your LadderBux.

How It Works

Everyone on a Ladder or League has the opportunity to earn LadderBux on a daily basis by participating on the site. LadderBux can be earned by logging into your account and by participating in tournaments. The amount of LadderBux you can earn in tournaments varies, and LadderBux are not always available as prizes in tournaments.

Premium Members Earn More

If you help support Case's Ladder by being a premium member, you are eligible to receive bonus credit for all LadderBux events. Here's how much extra you earn by being a premium member:

Gold Members: You earn TWICE the LadderBux as listed
Platinum Members: You earn FOUR TIMES the LadderBux as listed
Diamond Members: You earn SIX TIMES the LadderBux as listed

For example, if an event is awarding 100 LadderBux as a prize: Gold members who win would receive 200 LadderBux,Platinum members would receive 400 LadderBux, and Diamond members would receive 600 LadderBux! Over time, the difference in being a premium member really starts to add up! Click Here to become a premium member today!

LadderBux for Logging into Your Account

Logging into your account on a Case's Ladder, or MyLeague will earn you LadderBux. The first time you log into your account each day, we will credit your account with the proper amount of LadderBux. You will receive LadderBux for only the first time you log into your account on a particular day.

The number of LadderBux you receive each day for logging into your account varies, depending on your membership level. Here is the breakdown for LadderBux earned by logging into your account:

Free Members: 10 LadderBux per day
Gold Members: 20 LadderBux per day
Platinum Members: 40 LadderBux per day
Diamond Members: 60 LadderBux per day

You will earn valuable LadderBux for each day you log into your account, and they will be available instantly.

Earn LadderBux for Referring a Friend

The MyLeague Referral Program is a way for you to earn LadderBux just for bringing new members to your League. Whenever a new member signs up for a League, they have the option of entering the username of the player who referred them. If they enter your name, then you'll be eligible to earn LadderBux from them joining the League. After 30 days, if that member is still active on the League, then you will earn 1000 LadderBux! Or, if the member decides to upgrade to a premium membership, then you'll receive your referral LadderBux immediately!

LadderBux from Tournaments

Logging into your account is not the only way you can earn LadderBux. If you really want to rack up on LadderBux, then you should consider participating in tournaments on your Ladder or League. LadderBux are awarded to top finishers as prizes in most tournaments hosted on Case's Ladder and MyLeague. The amount of Ladderbux given to top finishers in a tournament is directly related to the number of teams competing in the tournament, how many players per team, and the entry fee for the tournament. Details about a tournament's LadderBux prize can be found on the "Prizes" link on the tournament page.

Remember, Gold members will receive double the payout, Platinum members will receive four times the payout, and Diamond members will receive SIX times the payout awarded in tournaments. If you're a Platinum member and win a tournament with 128 players that have paid 20 LadderBux each to enter...Well, you can figure it out! That's a lot of LadderBux!

LadderBux Redemption/Auction Policies

Although we want to give away tons of prizes to everyone for using our site, we do have some restrictions on how your LadderBux can be redeemed.

MyLeague Prize Box Policies

The MyLeague Prize Box allows Diamond and Platinum Members the ability to gift a Prize Box to any member they wish! Prize Boxes may also be awarded for special events or holidays to any player(s) by the MyLeague staff. The following policies apply to the MyLeague Prize Box feature:

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