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Oct 2017 - by Bubbyboo16 on 10/3/17

*Streakers Club Invitational* Mon, Oct. 9th, 9pm "Golf Solitaire"

**Black Tie Invitational** Tues, Oct. 10th, 10pm "Lottso"

***DCR HTH Invitational*** Thurs, Oct. 12th, 11pm "Dcr"

Check your Mailboxes for Your Invites!

***Halloween Contest*** Sun, Oct. 8th, 12am - Sun, Oct. 29th, 11:59pm Collect the Halloween items & "Fill Up Your Jack-O-Lanterns"! Collect all 15 items to complete a Pumpkin! Most Pumpkins Filled will win prizes! Top Players at the end of the contest will receive an invite to a special "Halloween Costume Party Tour"!  (Spreadsheet to be added so yas can keep track)

***Halloween Costume Party*** Tues, Oct. 31st, 10pm

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